Diesel expertise made in Germany

Incisive consulting. Spare parts supply. Leading-edge technology.

Gold Engineering specializes in consulting and leading-edge technology. Since founding the business in 1995, our philosophy has been to maintain close contact with our customers and to personally supervise all projects in progress around the world.


Clients value our expertise as an engine specialist in both OEM spare parts and plain bearing shells. Ship owners and power plant managers turn to us for help maintaining, repairing, and reconditioning their engines. Damage leads to downtime. We put you back in business.

Diesel expertise made in Germany

Latest News

Green tech: monitoring
fuel efficiency with FEC

Efficiency of main propulsion systems can be pinpointed. Singapore-based associate DIMAR-TEC has launched FEC, a unique green solution helping ship owners improve fuel efficiency by up to 5%.
Growing business in the
Middle East

In a major overhaul of pumping stations that rely on diesel engines for pipeline transport of crude oil, Gold Engineering has signed a comprehensive supply contract with an Arab-led production consortium.
Social commitment
Success calls for responsibility. We support social responsibility and action for a cleaner environment. Following 10 prosperous years in business, we have decided to include a social commitment in our corporate governance.
New warehouse in Hamburg
Gold Engineering has started to extend its existing warehouse in the north of Hamburg. A 1500m² storage facility will be completed by the end of 2012.


Life cycle of an
Ulstein KRG engine

Serving on a floating production unit for more than 20 years. Now powering an offshore supply vessel. Read More